• Often, I would forget where I had stopped reading and would invariably reread many chapters. Each great book has its destiny and comes with pre-ordained Karmic energy. For me, that energy was to be absorbed slowly and patiently, just like meditation. While reading the book, there was one constant thought that kept recurring in my mind. It sounds odd, so read it a couple of times to understand what was going on in my mind: I kept thinking, “I don’t know - that I don’t know”. Simply explained, the book opened so many vistas, avenues, and ideas in my mind which I never knew existed. I finally realized that this book IS a meditation, and meditation always reveals to you things that you don't know. A must read. And then re-read as often as you can.
    Alok Kejriwal
    CEO and Co-Founder of Games2win, Author, Motivational speaker
  • The experience of reading the book is very profound and my mind is silenced for a long while after reading just a few pages.

    Ragini Narayan
    Children's coach & mentor, India
  • Gurudev - on the Plateau of the peak is a treasure of knowledge. Reading this wonderful book gave me a deeper insight of Gurudev’s personality. Little, day-to-day incidents are explained with profound wisdom. I feel like reading this book again and again.

    Vijayshree Venkatraj
    Architect, India
  • This book personally took my relationship with my Master to a whole new different level unlike ever before. I gained insights into Gurudev’s life which were so unknown to me. So real, yet so mystical. So profound, and larger than life.

    Dr Banani Chakaraborthy
    Scientist, India
  • I gained a sense of the wonder and mystery of life.  I was inspired by the childhood stories of Gurudev. It gives clarity on how to educate our own children about the timeless values we all cherish.

    I better understood the vision of the Art of Living. I felt extremely proud to be a part of this selfless cause and feel immense satisfaction in being able to contribute to the change it is bringing through humanitarian service.

    Dr Anasuya Bhattacharyya
    Scientist, USA
  • My favorite parts were all stories from Gurudev’s childhood. Bhanu Didi has shared some very funny occasions with a sense of humor that fits the book perfectly.

    She has included several metaphors that were deeply meaningful for me. Especially the ones that explain how a Master connects with his disciples, and about how the Master is like an ocean.

    Bhanu Didi outdid herself by writing this book and I thank her a thousand times for doing so, for who else knows Gurudev as well as she does?

    Kaveri Bopanna
    age 14, USA
  • Reading this book is a unique experience. Each page reveals a new learning and keeps you enthralled. Yet, the mind gets restless to go to the next one, wondering what treasures lie in store. It is a masterpiece and is Bhanu didi’s gift to the world and I am sure I will read it many times over and over again.

    Srinivas Uppaluri
    Author, speaker, mentor, leadership coach, and former global head of marketing, Infosys
  • I gained an insight into the life of one of the most influential persons of our times.
    Vivek Barun Rai
    Creative Director, Indian Institute of Science, India
  • Reading the book was a splendid rendezvous with Gurudev!
    Pallavi Bharadwaj
    PhD student, India
  • It is filled with practical wisdom. Gurudev’s walk-the-talk attitude inspires me to take up more challenges.
    Supriyo Ghosh
    Associate Consultant, Infosys, India
  • The authenticity of experiences layered with wisdom and wit made for exciting reading
    Shilpa Rau
  • I gained a perspective about him which is unparalleled to any life on the planet
    Drishti Trivedi
    Corporate Manager
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The Author

hanumathi Narasimhan is the younger sister of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Innocently at first, and with joyful awareness later, she followed her brother, her Master, throughout her life. She shares his vision of putting a smile on every face on the planet.

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